About the trip


Can our pet come with us?

please contact us separately.(MAIL:kono@karuizawa-travel.com


I use wheelchair, can it be carried in the taxi?

Yes, unless it is a elctronic wheelchair, it can be folded and stored in the back of the taxi. Please mention when applying.


Can reservations be made via phone?

Reservations can generally be made through the website only.


Can we use credit cards for settling the payment?

Yes, currently the payments can be done by credit cards only.


How are seating arrangements decided?

Please note that you will not be able to select the seating arrangement freely. *If the tax will be ridden by 5 people (excl. the driver), 2 will be in the front seet and 3 will be on the back. As the 2 persons on the front seat may be a little cramped compared to the people in the back seat, kindly cooperate to share the front seat within those in your own party group.


We want to cancel the application if the fee gets higher than we expected.

5PM of the day prior to your trip: FREE
After 5PM of the day prior to your trip: 40% of your tour fee(I.e. your trip date is Nov 22, 40% of your tour fee will be automatically charged to your credit card as the cancellation fee.)
On the day of your tour till the gathering time 50%(I.e. your trip date is Nov 22 and if the gathering time is 10AM, and if you cancel your tour between 0AM and 9:59AM 50% of your tour fee will be automatically charged to your credit card as the cancellation fee.)
If you cancel your trip after the gathering time or if you do not show up to the gatering place uninformed, 100% of the tour fee will be charged automatically to your credit card.
Please also refer to the "Booking terms & conditions".
Cancellation fee will be charged automatically to your credit card.


When does the tour fee finalized by?

Your tour fee is finalized by 5PM of the day prior.(i.e. if your tour date is November 22nd, the tour fee is finalized at 5PM on November 21st)
We will be informing you via e-mail once your tour fee is finalized or in case if anything has been updated or changed between your application and your tour date


What if we do not want to share the taxi and want to keep the taxi to ourselves during the tour ?

You can charter a Taxi.Please select "Charter a Taxi" on the webform.


We would like to know the other members before the tour.

We are afraid we cannot provide you with such a information.


We have big luggage.

Please consider placing your belongings as much as possible into public lockers or to your hotel before participating the tour. For those using SHUTTLE TAXI, please note that the taxi you will be riding will be different for each sections, therefore you will be asked to take all your belongings with you each and every time you are getting on/off the taxi.


What should I do on the tour day?

Please arrive at the designated gathering place 10 minutes prior to the tour starting time. The taxi driver will be waiting for you.


Which company's taxi are we riding?

Our contracted taxi company will be at your service.


I may be late in arriving at the gathering place.

Please make sure to call us (Tel:050-3557-2396). If taxi is shared, the taxi will depart without notices if your arrival is late to the departure point for over 10 minutes. If chartered, departure time can be changed however please note that additional cost may be involved depending on the length of time the taxi has been waiting. (Please note that there may be times whereby the departure time may not be able to change due to the tour destinations regardless of whether the taxi is chartered or not)


What's the difference between "Sightseeing Taxi" and "Shuttle Taxi" ?

[Sightseeing Taxi]
Local taxi driver will escort you, showing around for sight seeing. Recommended for those who want to learn about the culture and the history of Karuizawa. Tour guide is only in Japanese but audio guide in English is available for foreigners.
[Shuttle Taxi]
We will take you to and from each spot according to each courses. Please enjoy traveling around and experiences with other like-minded tourists. There is no tour guide. The taxi may differ by each sections.

About registration


By when do I need to make the reservation by?

Please apply before 5PM of the day before your desired tour date.


Can the reservation be changed or cancelled through the website ?

Yes. Please go to the Menu of "Change/Cancel".


I made reservation via website, however I did not received an e-mail confirming so. Has my reservation been accepted?

Once you make your reservation you will be receiving our confirmation e-mail informing you the completion of your registration together with your registration number.
If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact us before 5PM of the day before.

About service operation


I would like to go on a tour with a friend. Can we ride on the same taxi?

You will generally be on a same vehicle, however please be noted, depending on the number of the people sharing and the vehicle arragements, you might be assigned to separate taxis.


What happens if the taxi gets caught in a traffic and I cannot make it on time for my train/bus planned after the tour?

We may cancel the tour due to traffic jam, weather conditions, natural disasters.
If in case if due to above during the tour hours, we will be detouring or will be taking you to the nearest train station to prioritize correspondence of the public bus snd train. However we will not be compensating the cancellation.


What will happen to my reservation if my arrival to the gathering place is late due to transportation reasons?

You may not be able to ride the planned taxi depending on the time of your arrival.
Please contact us immediately on such situation at 050-3557-2396.


Can we change the departure time?

Yes, if chartered depending on the tour. Please refer to "Application consideration" on the tour page or ask us by e-mail or phone.


Is there any time for going to restrooms along the way?

Due to the traffics or due to the designated time arrival to your train station or to bus terminals, we may not be able to make time for that. Otherwise we are able to stop by the nearest restrooms.

About fee and payment


How much does it cost for children?

The fare for children is no different from the fare for adults. However if the child is a baby who does not yet require his/her own seat will be free of charge.


How do we settle the payment?

Payments can be done by credit cards.


When does the tour fee is fixed and will be charged ??

Tour fee is fixed at 17:00 on the previous day and will be charged after the operation of tour.