【2nd top seller】【Sightseeing Taxi】Visiting Karuizawa’s famous sightseeing spots (5 hrs)

The local taxi driver will escort you to the must-visit sightseeing areas in Karuizawa.

【Sightseeing Taxi】Visiting Karuizawa’s famous sightseeing spots (5 hrs)
Spot Mikasa Hotel (from the taxi window) Shiraito Falls Hoshino Area (Harunire Terrace) Kumoba Pond Saint Paul’s Catholic Church Usui Pass (Kumano-Kotai Shrine) Shaw Memorial Church Kyu-Karuizawa Area (from the taxi window) 
Maximum number of participants 9 persons (minimum number of participants: 1 person)
Hours 10:30~15:30
Time About 05H00M
Price per person 5,500yen~32,000yen  Detail

The time schedule may be changed depending on the number of participants.
Depending on the date of the Sightseeing Taxi, maximum number of participants may be 4 persons.

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Karuizawa station Departure

Travel time(About 10 minutes)

Mikasa Hotel (from the taxi window)

Mikasa Hotel (from the taxi window)(About 5 minutes)

Standing in the larch tree forest is a beautiful western styled building designated as Japan’s cultural property. The extravagant decorations are done as much as it could be done to one wooden architecture. All the VIPs from politics and business gathered for summering were having dinner parties every night back then, and it was called ”Karuizawa’s Rokumekan”.
More information →(Link)

Travel time(About 15 minutes)

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls(About 30 minutes)

A waterfall which headwaters ”Yukawa River”. You will enjoy a refreshing view of a waterfall with width of 70m, and height of 3m which clear water is falling like fine thin white yarns . The waterfall weaving into the seasonal scenery (such as fresh verdure in the early summer and red leaves in autumn)is absolutely stunning.

Travel time(About 25 minutes)

Hoshino Area (Harunire Terrace)

Hoshino Area (Harunire Terrace)(About 90 minutes)

Nature and culture is well harmonized and taking advantage of each other in this area. The terrace has been built in the 100 elm trees grown wildly along the clear stream of ”Yukawa River”.
15 unique shops and restaurants established with the concept of ”daily life in Karuizawa”. You can also enjoy strolling along ”Yukawa River”.
More information →(Link)

Travel time(About 15 minutes)

Kumoba Pond

Kumoba Pond(About 10 minutes)

This beautiful pond also known as ”Swan Lake” due to Swans flew in during winter season. You can enjoy the fresh verdure in early summer, the burning autumn leaves in fall, and pure white snowing scenery in winter.

Travel time(About 10 minutes)

Saint Paul’s Catholic Church

Saint Paul’s Catholic Church(About 10 minutes)

A symbolic church with steep roof and a steeple in Karuizawa built in 1935 designed by an American architecture maestro Anthony Raymond.
Many celebrities has gotten married in this church as novel written by Tatsuo Hori describes , when a couple gets married at this church, they will live happily ever after.
More information →(Link)

Travel time(About 15 minutes)

Usui Pass (Kumano-Kotai Shrine)

Usui Pass (Kumano-Kotai Shrine)(About 30 minutes)

A pass located at the boarder of Gunma and Nagano Prefecture.
Kumano-Kotai Shrine is known as a sacred place for for good luck and matchmaking marriage. They say if you visit The GOSHIMBOKU (sacred tree) and go around the tree once, your life span will get longer by a year.
More information →(Link)

Travel time(About 10 minutes)

Shaw Memorial Church

Shaw Memorial Church(About 10 minutes)

The oldest church in Karuizawa built in 1895 by a Canadian missionary: Alexander Croft Shaw who is known as ”The Father of Karuizawa” . Next to the church is relocation and restoration of the first resort house built in Karuizawa by AC Shaw in 1888 currently opened as a Shaw Memorial Church.
More information →(Link)

Travel time(About 5 minutes)

Kyu-Karuizawa Area (from the taxi window)

Kyu-Karuizawa Area (from the taxi window)(About 5 minutes)

Kyu-Karuizawa was the popular accommodation area in Nakasendo (highway between Edo and Kyoto during Edo Period) back then.
There are numerous old established shops and restaurants in Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza (the main shopping district in Karuizawa). You can also enjoy viewing many of the historical architectures that are still left in town.
There is also the tennis court which became famous for our emperor and empress’s date.

Travel time(About 10 minutes)

Karuizawa station Breakup

Breakup there

Meeting place
 price per person

In front of the elevator at Karuizawa Stations’s north side exit on the ground floor.

In front of the elevator at Karuizawa Stations’s north side exit on the ground floor.

※Please gather 10 minutes before the departure time.
※A taxi driver is waiting for you on site
※Tour conductor is not accompanied.

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number of participants Price per person Ride
9 pers.5,500yenJumbo
8 pers.6,000yenJumbo
7 pers.6,500yenJumbo
6 pers.7,500yenJumbo
5 pers.9,000yenJumbo or medium
4 pers.9,500yenmedium
3 pers.11,500yensmall
2 pers.17,000yensmall
1 pers.32,000yensmall

※Included in the tour fee: Tax fare ( Tax-included)
※Please read our travel condition before applying.

Highlight of this tour

Golden course of Karuizawa for all kinds of people regardless of their age !


In this tour, you will visit classic area and new areas, sacred spots, and to Harunire Terrace where you will enjoy delicious lunch and fun shopping. Tour is suitable for all kinds of people regardless of their age.

The guide will be the local taxi driver, he/ she might give you some recommendations of shops and restaurants which only the locals would know!

Application consideration

・If the taxi is chartered by your party, the time of the departure can be customized. Please select the time preferred in the application form. (Please note due to the visiting places, these may be some cases which we will be unable to suit your request. We will get in contact with you in such case.)

・If the taxi is chartered by your party, taxi can pick you up at your hotel. Please specify the name of your hotel in the comments section of the application form. (additional charge may occur depending the area of where your accommodation is).

・If the taxi is chartered by your party,the itinerary can be customized.We will arrange the itinerary according to the spots you would like to visit and your available time.Please feel free to contact us.

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