What is "Ride Share" ?

What is

How to use "Ride Share Karuizawa"

Point1No charge for cancellation until 17:00 on the preceding day of the tour.
As there is no charge for the cancellation until 17:00 of the preceding day of the tour, we recommend you to apply as soon as your schedule is fixed !!
The tour fee will get less expensive if other tourists see your application and apply to share the tour with you.
Point2You can apply with your preferred conditions !!
ou can set your own conditions when applying the tour, such as the tour to be executed if and only the number of members are above or equal to XX.
Your application will get automatically cancelled at 17:00 on the closing date if in case the number of the participants does not reach the number you have applied the tour with. (There is no charge involved in this case)
You can also set your condition from the price point of view as well.
For example, you can set it as your tour to be executed if your tour fee is less than 5,000 yen (for 3 people)
Point3 You can charter a taxi only for your group !
In case if you want to share your travel experience only with your family and friends, you can always select to charter the taxi and have the taxi arrange for the usage of your own party only.
If you charter a taxi, you can request to change the departure time and departure place !

Difference between "Ride Share" and "Taxi" or "Tour bus".

Ride Share Taxi Tour bus
Booking of the previous day possible possible -
Stop-off - possible -
Change the destination on the day - possible -
Fee very inexpensive
fixed from the night of the previous day
Vary according to distance
Tour conductor - - accompanied
A merry companion is a wagon in the way enjoyable - enjoyable

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More the people less the cost!

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